Entry Level Jets

Entry Level Jets

Entry Level Jets
New to the charter market, Entry Level Jets are an entirely new kind of business jet. One that’s designed and priced to bring jet operation comfortably within reach of a whole new class of upwardly eager travelling professionals. Ample cabin-class seating, true jet speed and a good inter-Europe range come together with an economical charter rate. Backed by the worlds leading aircraft manufacturers, these modern class of aircraft are equipped with the latest in aerospace technology and fuel efficient engines. And above all, it’s operated to the same high safety standards as every other class of business jet.

Typical examples: Cessna Citation Mustang, Embraer Phenom 100


    • Typical range: 1,000nm
    • Typical speed: 340kts
    • Low operating costs
    • Modern Aircraft
    • Short-range Operation
    • Jet Comfort and Speed

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