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G-KLNR – Hawker 400XP

G-KLNR Hawker 400 slim

The Hawker 400XP has been the product of choice for those requiring an optimum blend of comfort, cabin size, quality, performance and efficiency in a jet.


Seats up to 8 peopleCold food availableLaptop power connection available



    • Oval cross‐section and flat floor throughout the cabin. Increases passenger comfort by having a more natural sitting position and improves ability to stretch out and relax.
    • Dual‐zone temperature controls for cockpit and cabin
    • Large galley area for hot and cold refreshments throughout the journey.
    • Ample and versatile baggage storage inside the cabin where it is heated and pressurised.
    • Generous external storage for large, bulky items like golf clubs or skis.
    • Swept wing for high cruise speeds that provide for very competitive charter costs and reduced journey times.

Interior Layout:

G-KLNR – Hawker 400XP Interior Seating

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