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G-KLNW – Citation Mustang

G-KLNW slimThe Mustang is an ideal balance of Citation good looks, performance and efficiency. Its pure‐jet performance will enable you to take off from short runways, climb swiftly to 41,000 feet and fly up to 1,150 nautical miles. And with its more‐than‐ample storage area, advanced engine controls and sleek aerodynamic design, the Mustang is the smart choice for the new generation of passengers.


Seats up to 4 peopleLaptop power connection availableCold food available

    • Comfortable club four seating arrangement with six large windows that create a wide open feel.
    • Executive tables, refreshment storage, all‐leather seats, plush wool carpeting, and toilet.
    • With fore and aft external baggage compartments.
    • Competitive charter prices.

Interior Layout:

G-KLNW – Citation Mustang Interior Layout

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