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Business Travel

Business aviation is often perceived as a privilege for the wealthy, used exclusively by high wealth individuals for leisure. This misconception means that the true value and accessibility of business aviation flights can often be overlooked.

The business aviation sector plays a crucial role in supporting business, connecting industry and commerce worldwide. It offers considerable time saving benefits and has a key role in facilitating important face-to-face business deals, boosting productivity and providing a level of flexibility and responsiveness that the scheduled network cannot deliver. Indeed, the sector makes an important contribution to both the European and Worldwide economy.

Business aviation is predominantly used by business decision makers, from occasional users to major multinationals which need to link production sites, offices or business partners in different countries, effectively providing travel services from any location at any time.

Unlike scheduled air services, business aviation is specifically tailored to the needs of the client and built on principles of flexibility and responsiveness. To fly any other way requires multiple flights, risk of delays, lengthy transfers, forced overnight stops, and visits to busy hub airports.

Reasons our customers give us for using business charter

1.  Saves Time

Business aviation enables users to achieve more in the same number of hours or days, delivering a valuable productivity boost. Flights can be arranged at very short notice with the flight times fitted around the user’s diary. Travellers’ willingness to pay for time saving is a useful indicator of the economic importance they attach to their journeys. In addition, business aviation users can combine multiple destinations in a fraction of the time taken on the scheduled network. With business aviation, four days can become four and a half hours.

2.  Ability to use airports that airlines don’t serve

Business aviation flies to over three times the number of airports connected by scheduled services, often using smaller regional airfields and the route selected to bring the travellers as close as possible to their final destination. Smaller airports also cut out the lengthy delays and greater connectivity supports businesses in emerging economies.

3.  Flexibility

Meetings overrun, your days schedule can change, business aviation has the ability to adapt to those alterations at short notice and ensure that you are in control of your schedule, rather than plan your day around the airlines.  Taking away those concerns and time pressures can mean the difference in clinching the deal.

4.  Privacy & security

On board business meetings and conversations can be carried out without the risk of confidential information being overheard. Business travellers only fly with people they know and trust.

5.  Ability to work en route

More space and better working facilities enable passengers to use the trip productively, with bespoke meals served on board, business aviation can ensure that you maximise your effectiveness.

6.  More comfortable flight

Access to a full range of aircraft enables business travellers to choose the one that best suits their needs. Most private jets have larger, adjustable seats, fold down tables and space to move around during the flight.

If you would like to find out how our services can help facilitate your business travel needs, please contact our charter operations team on 01603 518118 or email