FAQs: Information for Pilots

It’s normal to have a lot of questions before visiting a new airfield. Please click on each of the most common FAQs below. If there is something we’ve missed which you would like us to clarify for you, then please give us a call now on 0845 155 6222.

Is PPR required?
Yes. You will need to inform us of your estimated arrival and departure times and we will liaise with ATC and the airport authority on your behalf.
Do you have a SaxonAir ops frequency?
Yes we do: SaxonAir Ops 131.45
Where will I be expected to park?
Parking is located on the SaxonAir Apron, just outside SaxonAir’s Business Aviation Centre. We have dedicated areas for both fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. Please refer to the Norwich Airport chart for further details.
Will I be marshaled?
Yes, marshalling is mandatory on the SaxonAir Apron. Our experienced ground handling team will assist you to park your aircraft. If you are not too familiar with marshalling signals, please click here for guidance.
Where is SaxonAir located?
SaxonAir is located by the SaxonAir Apron at the south western edge of Norwich Airport in the Business Aviation Centre (hangars 15 & 16). For more information, please refer to the Norwich Airport chart.
Can you provide overnight aircraft hangarage or parking?
Yes, we have both parking and hangarage facilities. Please call our operations team for more information.
What are your operating hours?
Our normal operating hours are 0800hrs – 1800hrs. Aircraft handling arrangements can be made outside these hours by special request.
How much does it cost?
Landing and handling fees are subject to aircraft type and weight. Please call our operations team for further details.

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