Super Mid-size Jets

Super Mid-size Jets

Super Mid-size Jets
Hawker 4000 slim
The elite class of the business and private jet aircraft are the super mid-size jets that feature wide body cabin space, high altitude, speed, and ultra long range capabilities. These ultra luxurious private jets combine the long range transatlantic capability with the speed and comfort of a wide body, high altitude aircraft. All aircraft come with a dedicated flight crew including cabin attendant and full galley service.

Typical examples: Bombardier Challenger 300, Bombardier Challenger 605, Dassault Falcon 900, Dassault Falcon 2000, Embraer Legacy 600, Hawker 4000


    • Typical range: 3,000nm
    • Typical speed: xxx
    • Stand-up cabin
    • On-Board Cabin Attendant
    • Mid-Long Range
    • Greater Capacity

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