Turbo Props

Turbo Props

Turbo Props
G-KLNB King Air 350 slim
Turbo-props can access runways that are often too short for jet aircraft. They are equipped with turbine engines but differ from private jets by using this technology to drive propellers instead of direct thrust. This provides for greater efficiencies against an equivalent load carrying jet. Amenities in your turbo-prop include pressurised passenger cabins for added comfort and a good sized interior with separate lavatory and baggage areas. Modern turbo-props have quiet cabins with the latest glass cockpit avionics and safety monitoring systems.

Typical examples: Beechcraft King Air, Piaggio Avanti, Piper Cheyenne


    • Typical range: 1,200nm
    • Typical speed: 312kts
    • Low operating costs
    • Short-field capability
    • Large interior cabins
    • High passenger & baggage capacity

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